10 ways to maximize “work from home” productivity

Waking up whenever you want, avoiding the rush hour in the morning and working from the comfort of your own bed sounds like heaven to virtually every office worker. Yet when it comes down to it, it can be much more difficult to work from home than you thought first. Here we would tell you 10 ways to maximize “work from home” productivity.

1. Create a To-Do List

It can be difficult to keep track of what you have to do, without a boss breathing down the back. It’s important to build a to-do list and tick off your completed tasks in order to remain successful. Don’t worry if you’ve overestimated it on your list; you can always drag stuff over to the next day.

2. Avoid Distractions

In a relaxing environment, it is easy to get distracted, particularly if you are left to your own devices. Try switching your phone to airplane mode, hiding the television remote and operating out of designated office space.

3. Set Your Working Hours

Even though you have the freedom to work whenever you want, setting your daily working hours and sticking to them is a good idea. The aim is to stop having to work just two hours a day and then pull the next all-night just so you can catch up on your work. It’s, quite simply, counterproductive.

4. Tidy Your Desk

How do you ever find a list of goals that you set yourself under the pile of junk on your desk? It’s important to keep your desk area clean and tidy so it’s easy for you to navigate around it – in fact, there’s been a lot of research indicating that a clean desk, and generally an uncluttered setting, can help you focus better, making it easier to solve all those difficult tasks.

5. Track Your Progress

When you are not in the sight of your boss, it is easy for them to start questioning your success. So, make sure that you have solid proof of your workflow by keeping track of the time spent on each particular task all day. Often, you can use a collaborative calendar system to mark the completion of a project so that both your boss and yourself can measure your success.

6. Commit to Doing More

If you commit to doing a certain amount of work, there really is no way to back out (unless, of course, you want to be unemployed). Reflect on your goals and don’t waste time procrastinating to ensure you hit your everyday objectives.

7. Stay Off Social Media

There’s really no need for you to be on any social network during your working hours. Unless you’re involved in social media or marketing. Mindless scrolling is the greatest time-waster and could hamper your chances of success. Install a site-blocking app to help you stay off media, which will avoid any temptation.

8. Sit Smart

Being relaxed in your chair is a half-battle when you have a desk job, so investing in a comfortable chair with strong back support is recommended. Freelanceship founder Lauren Holliday says that you will look for five factors: ‘a comfortable cushion, armrests, adjustable backrest, lumbar support, and wheels.’

9. Don’t Skip Lunch

It’s easy to miss lunch while you’re working from home. But it’s incredibly important to take a much-needed break to eat and refresh your batteries before you get back to work. Make sure you take your lunch break away from your monitor, where you can relax your eyes and do something else for a while.

10. Have a Clear Line of Communication with Colleagues

When you mention that you’re working remotely, some coworkers immediately presume that you’re going to be slackening and watching YouTube videos of everybody. In order to put any doubts and rumors to rest. It is a good idea to maintain a direct line of contact open with your colleagues during the day and to maintain your boss up-to-date with your progress on different tasks.

This was all about 10 ways to maximize “work from home” productivity.

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