19 Real Estate Marketing Tips to Sell more

This is a trend that has no turning back: everything that is done nowadays goes through the internet. So, the realization that we arrived at is that if you want to sell more properties, you cannot escape real estate marketing , especially digital.

But first of all: do you know what real estate marketing is?

The concept of real estate marketing is translated by a set of processes, which range from real estate development, promotion and sales strategies, in addition to customer relations.

In other words, it’s about predicting and identifying what a customer wants and promoting an interesting shopping experience for them. And after all, any real estate agent or broker doesn’t want to know how to find clients to buy real estate.

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Digital marketing strategies in the real estate market will undoubtedly help you sell more, but for that, you need to follow some steps to create a successful plan for your business.

If you ask if you need to look for a real estate marketing agency, the answer is: not always. Although having professionals who know the subject is always a greater possibility of good results, some measures can be taken especially for those who do not have as much money to make available. We at Sky Marketing are here to help you out in this article.

Want to learn more about real estate marketing and how it works? Here are some tips:

1 – Have a website ready for conversion

In these times of digital transformation, it is practically impossible to continue in the market without investing in a good website.

It will be your window to the world and, consequently, to your customers. Data provided by the E-Commerce Pakistan Forum show that 80% of Pakistani citizens access the internet every day and 70% of them want ways to make their lives more practical, with more simplicity.

Due to the lack of time that most people are suffering, this is how everyone solves their problems: over the internet.

And if you don’t have a website to advertise your properties, it’s as if you were a retailer who, as he doesn’t have a store, has no way to advertise his products.

Accessing a real estate website has been considered practically like searching for products in a virtual store. Understand why you can’t stay out of digital real estate marketing?

2 – Use Inbound Real Estate Marketing

Within digital marketing, the concept is to generate value from the first contact a lead (future customer) makes. By using this form of marketing, the sales team at mivida islamabad have been able to sell a lot of property.

For this, some steps are followed in online real estate marketing:

– Attract visitors

– Convert visitors into leads

– Close sales

– Transform these customers into true fans of the brand

3- Have a blog

A blog is an excellent way to educate your customer and offer solutions for their life.

On the blog, you will not sell properties directly, but talk about information that is in the orbit of the subject, such as content with the best forms of real estate financing, Caixa Econômica Federal rules for using the FGTS in order to purchase or settle real estate or even matters such as decoration.

When solving visitor’s doubts, he will start to trust the information because he will realize that you understand what he discloses. This will allow your blog to become an authority on the subject and gain much more credibility, including for Google search engines.

4 – Invest in advertising on paid portals

Think that the internet is a huge sea of ​​possibilities and when we say huge, it’s really huge, almost unlimited.

Within this logic, even with a good website, you will be another drop in the ocean. Of course, the website is the first step to navigate these waters, but you will need more powerful equipment to get more traffic, ie views.

One of them is paid real estate portals because they are a competent way for your clients to reach you.

These portals receive millions of visitors per month and this ends up generating qualified contacts for their advertisers, these contacts are known as leads.

Furthermore, the cost is very worthwhile because for a low investment, you will be able to find that your audience will become much more qualified and promising.

It can be a great alternative if you don’t have a high amount of money to invest in your own website right now.

5 – Build database

Often, companies and professionals are lost in the search for answers on how to attract customers, but let’s now think of a strategy.

Often, those interested in a property call to find out basic data and no longer return. Wouldn’t it be useful to create a scheme to store these contacts for new attempts at doing business?

When an interested party calls, try to obtain their data and explain that it is without obligation, just for the registration of your customers.

The idea is to capture basic data: name, date of birth, income, profession, telephone numbers, e-mail, what is the interest of the interested party with the property and which ones you presented. If you like, please also include a question about why the deal was not closed with your company.

With that, go creating your database that can be used for real estate marketing campaigns in the future.

There is a tool to register all this data, it is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), as it will allow you to organize all your potential customers.

6 – Send marketing email

E-mail is one of the most used forms of communication, especially for corporate matters. Take advantage of this potential to work on your real estate email marketing campaigns and you can develop the skills like the sales team of Lahore smart city.

With good text and good images, you will have an excellent resource for relating to interested parties.

To leverage, follow some tips:

– Send marketing emails with the profile of the property that the client wants.

– Headlines must be powerful and attract attention.

– Put little text in the email to make it look more clean, informative and arouse curiosity. Don’t turn in the entire game at once.

– Do not buy email marketing mailings, build your database little by little. This will give you much more return.

7 – Make excellent photos of the properties

When customers come to your website or when you register a property on a platform, they want to have a perfect idea of ​​the property, to see if you are interested, and the photos are excellent promotional resources.

Therefore, marketing in the real estate industry also provides for investment in good photos, with good angles, which allow the client to have a very faithful view of the property being advertised.

Therefore, you can think about using more technological resources, such as aerial images made by drones, virtual reality or even equipment that captures images of the property in 3D. Rest assured that this feature will be a differentiator.

8 – Publish complete and clear ads

When someone researches the lease or even sale of property, they want accurate and reliable data.

Always try to provide very clear and precise information about the property, this will attract customers to your website, and they will be able to reach closer contacts that will be forwarded to your sales funnel.

9 – Have great email communication

People no longer want to receive phone service, so email is a great way to communicate without invading people’s privacy.

So make it a habit to always open and respond quickly to your emails.

Yari jobs10 – Be present on social media

Be on as much social media as you can. That’s where people are getting along lately and stating their expectations about absolutely everything. And it couldn’t be different in the real estate market.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and even WhatsApp Business, enable a closer dialogue with your customer, with great chances of quick return.

To do this, share materials you produce on your blog and produce specific content, such as podcasts for WhatsApp.

But always in the sense of saying what your customer wants to hear, wants to know or resolve, no direct sales. Do not forget it!

11 – Generate traffic to the website

One of the main guidelines of digital real estate marketing is that your company needs a little investment to generate traffic to your website, but rest assured, the result will come.

You might consider inserting social media sharing buttons on your website’s main page, so that every time the visitor clicks a “like” button, the message on your website appears on their Facebook and, consequently, on their friends.

If you registered your properties on a portal, share the links on your social networks as well.

12 – Segment campaigns on social media

Betting on the segmentation of campaigns on social media is an excellent real estate marketing strategy.

The results will be much better if you advertise for well-defined audiences

13 – Always respond to target audience on social media

Social media is a two-way street: it brings your customers closer, but it also leaves an open channel for complaints.

But this is not to be feared, the advantage far outweighs the disadvantage. If you receive complaints, always respond politely, so that the visitor can be sure they are being heard.

14 – Capture new entries through the website

Your company’s website should be another tool to improve your customer database.

So use resources to capture this data, which will be valuable to your results:

– Create landing pages (data capture pages), which may be associated with a newsletter with tips or some gimmicks.

– In the blog’s contents, it is also possible to capture data with the availability of e-books, with tips on the real estate market and related matters.

15 – Make videos and presentations

Making webinars, videos and presentations through social media is a way to get closer to your future client. He will know who represents your company and the relationship will become closer.

Yari jobs16 – Seek feedback from customers who did not close a deal

Improving your after-sales and understanding why it didn’t sell is fundamental to your digital real estate marketing strategies.

So don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from a customer, even if they haven’t closed a deal with you. This is excellent to know if there is something that can be improved, even in the case of a closed deal or if there really was nothing to be done in that case.

The experience that generates lessons is always beneficial for the next attempts.

17 – Analyze and monitor your results

Analyzing and monitoring are some of the main requirements of digital real estate marketing, because only then the company will discover its performance in attracting and converting.

There are several metrics that allow you to accurately analyze performance. Then select the ones most relevant to your objective to get accurate data.

With this, you will be able to review your strategies, evolving your efforts and improving your results. In this way, expect a strong and important brand for your target audience.

18 – Serve quickly and well

When a person wants to buy or rent a property, he is in a hurry. So be quick with your answers, this can make a big difference between the future client, making them close a good deal with your company or with another broker.

Also, be careful with your customer, serve them well and be aware of what they want, what their resources are and what they expect from you. Be willing to help.

19 – Use technology to streamline service

Applications for realtors and management tools, some work as calendar, email, calculator and various notes, to organize your life.

One of them is Evernote, which stores and organizes text, web pages, images, audio and notes.

Mailchimp, on the other hand, is the most modern tool for preparing and sending real estate marketing email. And all at no cost.

Another very good tip for your real estate marketing is the Camera Cardboard application, which greatly improves the quality of images to capture from real estate.

It’s free for Android, it’s for taking 360º photos, capturing audios. It leverages many of your real estate marketing actions on the internet.

Another awesome app, especially for those who want to organize their finances is the Pocket Guide. It’s great for helping the financial health of brokers who deal with the ups and downs of the market.

Did you understand real estate marketing and the tips?

With these tips, you can always speak one of the most desired phrases in real estate marketing: “In the future, you will celebrate this decision”.

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