4 Most Highly Paid Careers For Content Writers

Writing career isn’t just about writing essays and novels. There are many other options for those who love writing.  Here are the 4 highly paid careers for writers.

1. Social Media Manager

Writers are a strong fit to positions on social media. Industries are struggling these days to recruit experts to operate their social networks. Much of this requires writing: content for Facebook ads, tweets, Facebook captions and so on. Plus, it is a highly creative work.

Your best bet is to keep active profiles on all major networks. If you have already worked for any company, it would boot your hiring chances.

2. Career as a Technical writer

Technical writers also have great career opportunities. Many of the technical writers do full-time jobs. It may not sound like the most glamorous job but it will be enjoyed by those involved in software, engineering , science, web design and other technical fields.

Technical writers prepare manuals of instructions, guides, documents, FAQs, and other supporting materials. You’ll need a college degree to become one. Familiarity with a technical topic will improve your hiring chances.

3. Career as a Magazine Writer

Your options are not limited to publications of fashion or lifestyle. Nearly every niche has at least one magazine. Some got hundreds. You may feel like all the magazine writers are glamorous women as shown in the movies but there are a lot of different paths that magazine writers may take.

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Yeah, you may be employed at a typical monthly print outlet, creating daily cadence stories for the papers.

4. Career as an Editor

While attaining a B.A. It can be helpful to break into the editing field when it comes to communications, media or journalism. Editors work in a number of sectors, corporations, and positions.

The most well-known is the magazine editor; however, at a publishing house, you may be a blog editor for a Software company, or a software editor.

These were the 4 highly paid careers for writers.

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