5 Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out

Basic Tips To Make Resume For a Job:

All those resumes you sent out may have been a waste of time. Chances are, if you got only a canned email response or no acknowledgment at all, no one even read your resume for a job.

So what are you going to do to be noticed? If you want to get an interview these days, you need to be creative here are a few suggestions designed to get recruiters to call you back:

1 – Advertisement for Yourself

Professionals agree that a personal brand is needed by each individual. If you have a brand, you can advertise it as well. Create a one-page highlight of what you can do if you are hired.

Like any ad, use well-considered tag lines that get the attention of the recruiter quickly. Don’t tell everything, because you want the reader to call you for even more information. Post the ad wherever your future employer might look; hand them out at industry conferences and mail them directly to the recruiting manager at prospect companies.

Business Cards

Business cards were designed to be simple references that people use to contact you. In addition to your name, phone number as well as e-mail address, include a short phrase that describes your expertise. The job title should be the same as the one you’re interested in interviewing for. Use the back to list keywords, certifications, and also accomplishments. Mail the business card with a notecard.

Professional Website

Your professional website should highlight your professional accomplishments. Include the web address on resume for a job and all correspondence including emails. Don’t include too much personal information (remember, it is posted for the world to see). Provide a contact email address. Link your professional website to industry organization websites, alumni organization websites as well as blogs related to your profession.

Presentation on a DVD

Create a presentation complete with highlights of what you could do for the company if hired. Include examples of your accomplishments and also awards. The DVD method works best for the creative type of employment because it allows you to showcase your skills.

Pre-Interview “Thank You” Note

Thank the recruiter for taking the time to read your resume for a job and schedule an interview. Include the times and dates you are available and contact information. The note should reference the job title you wish to interview for and the date your resume was sent.

Don’t keep sending out that old non-response resume, hoping to someday receive a callback.

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