6 highly paid careers for writers

When people hear “the career of writing,” they generally think of novelists and essayists. But there are more choices for those who enjoy writing like being the next Dave Eggers or Dorothy Parker. Here are the 6 highly paid careers for writers.

1. Technical writer

If you have a talent for distilling complicated concepts into simple English, it may be a perfect match for a technical writing career. Technical writers prepare manuals of instructions, guides, documents, FAQs, and other supporting materials. It may not sound like the most glamorous job but it will be enjoyed by those involved in software, engineering , science, web design and other technical fields.

Technical writers also have great career opportunities. Many of the technical writers do full-time jobs. You’ll need a college degree to become one. Familiarity with a technical topic will improve your hiring chances.

2. Editor

Usually good writers produce good editors. They are, after all, experts in creating pitches and writing simple, succinct, understandable copies. Now, instead of coming up with the ideas and making the copy themselves, they usually assign the duties to a team of writers and then refine the end-project.

Editors work in a number of sectors, corporations, and positions. The most well-known is the magazine editor; however, at a publishing house, you may be a blog editor for a Software-as-a-Service ( SaaS) company, or a software editor.

While attaining a B.A. It can be helpful to break into the editing field when it comes to communications, media or journalism.

3. Magazine Writer

Although the movies may give the illusion that all the magazine writers are glamorous women called Andy (see Devil Wears Prada and How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days) who hate their employers, there are a lot of different paths that magazine writers may take. Yeah, you may be employed at a typical monthly print outlet, creating daily cadence stories for the papers.

In addition, your options are not limited to publications of fashion or lifestyle. Nearly every niche has at least one magazine — from science and medicine to politics and satire. Some got hundreds.

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4. News Reporter

If you love to ask questions, dig into the facts and craft narratives, being a news reporter is likely to suit you. Writing for a news agency has a number of advantages: it is fast-paced and competitive in general. You will also get the chance to fly, interview famous or interesting people and cover big stories. Yet while many writers are attracted to reporting, the downsides are a few.

Jobs are becoming scarcer with the demise of print media. Some reporters take jobs out of necessity at local newspapers — while they can dream of covering the Miami crime beat. Reporters likewise prefer to make comparatively low incomes. Last but not least, covering news is not a 9 to 5 task. You may need to stay late to finish a timely article, work on the weekends to hit your time limit for a major piece, or start interviewing a source with a jam-packed schedule early.

5. Social Media Manager

Ten years ago , the idea of marketing a business using social media would have sounded silly. Industries are struggling these days to recruit experts to operate their social networks. Aside from popular platforms such as Facebook , Instagram , Snapchat, LinkedIn and Twitter, several companies often include Quora, Vine, Slack and more in their strategy.

Writers are a strong fit to positions on social media. Much of this requires writing: infographic copy, tweets, Facebook captions, posts on LinkedIn and so on. Plus, it is a highly creative work. Writing helps strengthen your creative muscle — and in this role, you’ll put it to good use.

Since it’s so fresh there isn’t a typical career route. Your best bet is to keep active profiles on all major networks (employers will certainly check your accounts!) Having independent social media experience would also make you a much more appealing candidate, even if you’ve only handled a small company’s accounts.

6. Blogging

The independent blog universe is oversaturated right now, which means there’s very little hope to be profitable enough to cover all your bills with revenue from your own site.

Yet, through writing to third parties, bloggers themselves will succeed. You could write blog posts for a tech company in Florida, a recruitment company in Canada or an online beauty brand to give you an idea.

While these gigs may not bring fame or fortune to most people, they are ideal if you enjoy brainstorming ideas and use content to drive business goals.

These were the 6 highly paid careers for writers.

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