Create a Best Professional CV in Just 5 minutes

You need a professional CV if you are applying for professional jobs with leading companies. An effective curriculum vitae will get employers to notice you and ensure you land the job interviews you want. Here we would tell you how can you create a Professional CV in 5 minutes.

Main Features of Professional CV

1. Personal Information

Personal information includes:

  • Full name
  • Profession
  • Email address
  • Phone or contact number
  • city of residence
  • Postal or permanent Address
  • About yourself/ Overview or objective

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2. Educational Details

After writing your personal details or information. Next thing to write is your qualification. Remember to write the latest degree first and so on as shown in the picture.

  • Qualification title
  • Institute name
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Percentage
  • Description

3. Job Experience

Now write the job experiences you have. This section is the most important to grab employer’s attention. Write job experiences and description in detail.

  • Organization name
  • Your role
  • Job start date
  • Job end date
  • Description

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4. Certifications detail

Write about the courses you have done and while writing remember to focus more on those certifications which are related to the nature of the vacancy offered.

  • Certification title
  • start date (Course)
  • End date (Course)
  • Certification duration
  • Certification Institue
  • Description

5. Skills

Select your skills and mark them accordingly.

So this was all about Create a Professional CV in 5 minutes. You can create using‘s online free CV Builder as mentioned above.

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