Decision Making Skills that could help you at Work

A good decision maker always thinks deeply and analyzes all available options before making a final one. A great decision-maker tends to make the right choice, every time. Here we would tell you Decision Making Skills that could help you at Work.

What do you want to achieve?

If the end goal is to improve productivity within a certain team, you might have a series of decisions to make. By identifying your end goal whether it’s productivity, a new addition to the team, or an allocation of a budget you can base your final decision on achieving the goal and cut out other noise.

How can you make a decision?  

As your career progresses, some of the bigger decisions you will make occur in the office. Whether it’s a decision that affects your own career or a decision that could potentially affect your entire team, decisions can begin to weigh heavily. Since you already have the skill set, it only needs to be developed for bigger decisions.

Research about the problem

Depending on the importance of the decision, there may be a good amount of research to do in order to reach a sensible solution. Make a series of lists to help filter your decision. Whether you compile a physical list or compose one in your head, weigh out the pros and cons of each potential decision. If you are building a team of employees for a certain project, make a list of who would be a sensible add and what skills each person could bring to the table.

Put Emotions aside

When faced with a decision to make, you might have a good gut intuition about what to do. It is important to differentiate gut feelings from emotional responses. If you feel that you are getting angry or anxious in the face of a decision, take a step aside. Once you’re back in a more rational state, attack the decision with a steadied mind.

Don’t listen to others

If you are the final decision-maker, there is value in listening to others but if it effects others then you must consider your coworkers and colleagues. decision that could affect everyone. Ask yourself how such decision will effect people around you.

Consider things according to the decision

If you have a day or two to make a decision, take the time. Do not make rash decisions borne from excitement, fear, or the desire to just cross it off your list. Take time to sit with your options and make your final decision from there.

Make the decision

Even if it’s a tough decision to make but you have probably determined that it is best for everyone to part ways at this juncture. Go ahead and make that decision. Do not apologize for any decision. Rather, make yourself available for any questions or concerns around your decision.

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