Frequently Asked Questions

What is is an online job portal where Employers can post job ads for free and candidates can search and apply for any job.

I am looking for a job, how can I use to search and find jobs of my interest?


1. Register yourself as a candidate.

2. Complete your profile or upload your CV/Resume.

3. See jobs at and apply for any job related to your field or profession.

How can I join

1. Visit and click “I am Candidate”.

2. Fill the required fields.

3. Click register.

I don’t have a resume format, what should I do?

There is nothing to worry if you don’t have Resume template or format. Just update your profile completely after signing up as a candidate and generate a professional Resume.

Can I upload my existing resume?

Yes, you can upload your existing Resume but it is better to complete profile at so that employers can also approach you.

How can I update my profile at

After signing up as a candidate, the website will directly take you to update your profile page. But if you didn’t update your profile at first time the sign in and go to “Update profile” option in Dashbard. Link:

How can I save my Profile as Resume?

After completely updating your profile at, you can generate CV or Resume for free.

I have updates my Profile, what’s next?

After completely updating your profile, you can apply for any job directly. Link

How can I apply for jobs?

After completely updating your profile, you can apply for any job directly. Link

Can I receive latest jobs emails?

Yes, you will get job alerts for every job that will match your profession or skills.

I forgot my password, what should I do now?

There is nothing to worry if you forgot your password. Click on “Forget Password” and reset your password via Email.

How can I post a job online for free?

The quickest way is to use They have a very fast approval process. Simply head to their website and then click on “Post a Job“.

What is Matched Resume?

Matched Resume is a feature for Employers that allows them to see the profiles or CVs of those candidates with the matching skills required by the company or employer.

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