How to answer the “What are your hobbies?” interview question

While interviewing, managers or recruiters question you about your interests and preferences, that’s not just a small talk attempt. The aim behind this query is to provide them with insights into your talents and abilities which might not be revealed by common interview questions. It is also to determine whether you are perfect fit for the organization or not. Here we would tell you about How to answer the “What are your hobbies?” interview question.

1. First, never say no

When they question you, “What are your hobbies?”The first and most important advice in a job interview is never to respond by stating’ I don’t have any hobbies.’ It demonstrates a lack of ambition and enthusiasm, no passion, and will not reveal much about your personality or cultural match capacity, which is precisely what the selecting managers and recruiters are seeking to determine.

Prepare truthful and realistic response to this question before working out the career interview preparation. Let your answer represent your skills and interests, and paint an image of the competent and enthusiastic applicant you are for prospective employers.

2. Make it relevant

In a job interview, when asked “What are your hobbies?” what things you enjoy doing in your free time? Structure the answer in the context of the job and company for which you applied for.

For examples, if you are applying to be a finance analyst, speak about your problem-solving elements of your hobby. If you’re playing club tennis, discuss your role in coordinating all the home and away match logistics for your team, and ensuring cost-effective travel to bring everyone to a range of locations throughout the season. When you’re aspiring to be an IT project manager, and you’re a enthusiastic reader, talk about how you formed a book club and regularly feature books related to IT innovation and transformation. Tell your prospective employers how you perform or encourage frequent fascinating discussions on this topic.

3. Showcase your creativity

Do you play guitar, write short stories or do pottery? When responding the “What are your hobbies?” question “Ensure that you acknowledge and enjoy whatever creative interests you engage in. Explain how these activities develop your critical thinking abilities. Strengthen the capacity to approach tasks and drive your original use of available resources.

No matter what job you are applying for, at any company there is a role for creativity. Although you might not be producing creative images on Photoshop every day as an administrative assistant, creativity is a much broader and more relevant ability. It can be used to solve problems in all workplaces and sectors, and to find creative solutions to challenges.

4. Be a good sport

Few hobbies show potential employers your endurance and willingness to work as a team, like playing sport regularly. If you’re a long-distance runner, that will show you’re consistent when it comes to working through pressure and frustration on work-related projects. Participating in a competition for hockey or netball may demonstrate an understanding of group dynamics, a level of healthy rivalry, and a willingness to work together to achieve a common goal.

When answering the “What are your hobbies?” question”Explain how daily sport or physical activity has helped you to perform well in group situations. There are few positions out there that do not demand that applicants be exemplary in this regard.

Exercising regularly often improves overall health and stress control ability, reduces the risks of employee illness and longer-term burn-out, making you an attractive choice for prospective employers.

So this was all about How to answer the “What are your hobbies?” interview question.

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