The perfect Answer to “What are your hobbies?”

Some questions are not just a small talk attempt, like when Interviewer ask you about your interests or hobbies. The aim is to know about your talents and abilities. It is also to determine whether you are perfect fit for the organization or not. Here we would tell you about How to answer the “What are your hobbies?” interview question.

1. Link your hobbies with your career

In a job interview, when asked “What are your hobbies?” what things you enjoy doing in your free time? Structure the answer in the context of the job and company for which you applied for.

For examples, if you are applying to be a finance analyst, speak about your problem-solving elements of your hobby. Tell your prospective employers how you perform or encourage frequent fascinating discussions on this topic.

2. Never start with a NO

Prepare truthful and realistic response to this question before working out the career interview preparation. Let your answer represent your skills and interests, and paint an image of the competent and enthusiastic applicant you are for prospective employers.

When they question you, “What are your hobbies?”The first and most important advice in a job interview is never to respond by stating’ I don’t have any hobbies.’ It demonstrates a lack of ambition and enthusiasm and no passion

3. Make things interesting

No matter what job you are applying for, at any company there is a role for creativity. It can be used to solve problems in all workplaces and sectors, and to find creative solutions to challenges.

Explain how some of the activities develop your critical thinking abilities. Strengthen the capacity to approach tasks and drive your original use of available resources.

So this was all about How to answer the “What are your hobbies?” interview question.

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