How To Be an Excellent Realtor?

In a country with a promising economy like Pakistan, there is a good prospect of expansion and development in several segments, including the real estate market. Therefore, understanding how to be a realtor can be an excellent tip for anyone looking for qualification and professional growth.

After all, when there is an increase in any economic activities, there is also a demand for new properties, necessary to support the expansion of companies that are dedicated to them. Add to that the large housing deficit existing in the country and we will have a very positive outlook for the real estate sector.

Now, to effect the immense volume of business that is announced, naturally, there is a need for qualified brokerage professionals. But do you know what a realtor does or how to go about being a realtor? Do not worry, we at Sky Marketing Islamabad are here to help you!

So, if you are looking for an attractive career, which can provide excellent financial gains, flexible hours, has no age limit, offers the possibility of a high quality of life, check out our tips on how to be a realtor!

How to be a realtor?

But first of all, let’s understand what a realtor is: it is a professional who provides consultancy, helping clients in all stages of the real estate transaction, whether buying and selling or leasing real estate.

In addition, the broker is an intermediary in negotiations between buyer and seller or landlord and tenant.

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To be a good realtor, this professional needs to know how to search for properties according to the requirements of their clients and their financial possibilities, in addition to presenting real estate properties to interested parties. Another function of the realtor is knowing how to provide all the documentation of the property and the people involved for the conclusion of the deal.

But do you still want to know what it takes to be a realtor? Sure! So here we go!

First, anyone looking to understand how to be a realtor must obtain technical qualifications. The first step is to take a course in real estate, and then learn how to get the CRECI, which is the professional registration of the category.

This measure is very important because there was a time when the real estate market indistinctly welcomed people who had no professional qualifications. But since 1978, when Federal Law No. 6,530, which regulates the profession of real estate broker in Pakistan, was enacted, technical training to practice the profession became mandatory.

Step by Step of the Realtor Profession

Therefore, the first step that should be taken because you want to know how to be a realtor is to look for one of the schools accredited by the Federal Council of Realtors (COFECI) or by the Regional Councils of Realtors (CRECI) of the respective States in order to obtain the title of Real Estate Transaction Technician (TTI).

In the Realtor or TTI course, the student will get all the basic information about how to be a realtor, including the ethical aspects that should govern the real estate industry. Upon completion of the course – which lasts from four months to a year and can also be taken through the Distance Education system – the student receives a diploma and becomes qualified to obtain registration with CRECI in the state where he intends to Act.

In the course, the student will have notions of how to sell real estate and how to find clients, and all the tasks of the professional and walk towards understanding how to be a realtor of great competence and how they can sell easily in Blue World City Islamabad .

And with the document that attests to professional regularity, the professional will already know how to be a realtor and act throughout the national territory.

Get the CRECI registration

Therefore, the next step is to obtain regularization with the CRECI of the state where you live or where you intend to work. Registration with CRECI will be done upon presentation of the following documents:

  • TTI course completion diploma;
  • Identity Card and CPF;
  • Voter Title with proof of voting in the last election;
  • Reservist Certificate, for men up to 45 years old;
  • Proof of recent residence (water, electricity, telephone and bank bills);
  • Proof of completion of high school;
  • 3×4 photos (quantity varies by state);
  • Proof of payment of annuity, fees and fee issued by CRECI.

Understand what a realtor does

After analyzing the documentation, which lasts between 30 and 60 days, the professional registration card is issued, enabling you to perform the following activities:

  • Acting in the intermediation functions of real estate purchase, sale and leasing businesses, as a self-employed realtor or through association with one or more real estate companies;
  • Promote the acquisition of new properties in order to offer them to the securities market or in order to meet the specific interests of a potential buyer;
  • Provide real estate appraisal services;
  • Set up real estate companies;
  • Acting as a real estate correspondent for Caixa Econômica Federal, offering the bank’s financing programs and intermediating the signing of real estate credit contracts.

While the professional registration card does not come out, it is necessary to carry out an internship, which can be an excellent way to gain experience for professionals who do not yet work in the sector. In fact, it is as an intern that many people enter the area.

In many places, the educational institution itself indicates places for internships. Find out in your city how it works.

But anyone who wants to know how to be a self-employed realtor, that is, without ties to any real estate agent, running his career solo, you need to go to the city hall in your city to know the procedures to work in the home office scheme or have an office.

Normally, realtors do not have employment ties with the real estate or developments where they operate, their income is obtained through commissions on the transactions carried out, whether sales or leases.

But some real estate companies may provide benefits such as transportation assistance and insurance and Capital Smart City Islamabad is offering such benefits.

How to Be a Good Realtor: Helpful Tips

Some measures will give more chances for the professional to be successful in the real estate career, see some below:

Get to know the square where you will be acting

Knowing in detail the place where you intend to work is a basic premise that every realtor should try to meet. After all, a large part of what the professional sells as a service is related precisely to information about the real estate market, which varies a lot from city to city and even from region to region in the same city.

Therefore, it is essential to identify the neighborhoods where you intend to act, knowing streets, landmarks, infrastructure situation – including schools, banking services, public services, among others – and everything that concerns the interests of people who buy and sell real estate or who offer or seek rental properties.

Naturally, the realtor can choose a specific place where he wants to act and also define certain types of properties with which he wants to work. In fact, this is an interesting path, chosen by many brokers who have become references in the areas they operate.

Thus, there are realtors specializing in land sales and others who only work with sheds. There are also those who are specialists in luxury real estate, while many prefer the low-income real estate segment.

However, whatever area you choose to work in, it is essential to have complete control over it. This domain can be acquired in advance, through research on market reality. However, there is no doubt that the practice of the profession is one of the best schools in this regard.

Master all the formalities of the real estate transaction

Transactions involving the purchase and sale of real estate and those involving leases involve a series of bureaucratic and technical expedients that need to be mastered by the broker.

After all, although it is not the brokerage professional’s obligation to fulfill several bureaucratic functions – such as providing the registration of a deed, for example, a function that is often delegated to a broker -, it is important to have a knowledge of all the processes.

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With this knowledge, it is possible to more appropriately monitor the evolution of the business and arrange for the necessary measures to be taken so that negotiations can take place in the best possible way.

As a matter of fact, those who know all the procedures well can even take the lead in solving any disputes that could jeopardize a deal, without depending on the capacity of other people.

Look for a tertiary qualification

In fact, the TTI course offers a lot of information about the routine of the real estate market. However, exercising the profession and improving training are also important for the broker to evolve in the sector.

So, in addition to the qualification as TTI, there is the possibility for the professional to expand the knowledge they already have or, even, it is possible to enter the profession also through a higher education course.

It is noteworthy that the TTI course is recognized by the Ministry of Education and offers mid-level training in Business Management. However, those who want higher education, which is very advisable, can also seek an undergraduate degree as a technologist.

For the sector, the Real Estate Management and Real Estate Business courses are offered, which prepare students for the exercise of the real estate brokerage profession and grant the graduation diploma at higher level.

In addition to the knowledge that is typical of business management, seen in the TTI course, higher education courses in the area also offer other important information for professional and personal development, including in the areas of Psychology, Sociology and History.

Anyway, when looking for more qualifications, the tip is to always look for CRECI or the Traders Union, to understand about the courses that are offered and which institutions are trusted and recognized by these bodies.

How to be the best realtor?

There are some conditions that are undeniable for those who want to understand how to be a real estate broker, such as the TTI course, knowledge of the places and procedures for negotiations, but there are individual characteristics that are essential for anyone who wants to stand out in the profession:

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– Honesty: often realtors are dealing with people’s dreams, whether it’s a couple looking for their first apartment or even a family that needs a bigger home because they’ve grown up and need more space. And there’s nothing worse than discovering that your dreams were shattered due to the lack of ethics of the professional involved.

– Responsibility: it is necessary to bear the commitments made to its clients, especially in the case of independent brokers who will not have a superior to charge them. Be aware of this and you will understand how to be an excellent realtor.

– Proactive:  to learn how to be an excellent realtor, don’t wait for business opportunities to come to you, go in search of them. This is a key that will help you understand how to be a successful realtor. Therefore, look for customers on the internet, use social networks, listen to your customers and be aware of their needs, be alert to capture properties and customers in various places.

– Flexibility and persuasion: don’t forget that, first of all, the broker is a seller, so know how to negotiate. Sometimes you need to understand when to take a step further or change your strategies to close a deal that’s satisfying for everyone.

– Be passionate about what you do : those who love their profession are more likely to understand how to be a spectacular realtor, as they will deal in a much more positive way with all the opportunities and challenges that arise in their career.

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