Successful Interview Tips

Keys To a Successful Interview:

Successful Interview: An Employer looks for intelligence (intellectual as well as emotional), communication skills, leadership qualities, ethics, competence, energy, also imagination etc., from the candidate.

Why Do Candidates Fail In An Interview:

  • Poor grooming.
  • Discourteous and also ungraceful body language.
  • Poor manners.
  • Poor diction.
  • Vague responses.
  • Unappealing resume.
  • Monetary benefits-centric approach.
  • Lack of punctuality.
  • Poor waiting hall behavior.

Some Behavioral “Unfavorable” Aspects

  • Complaining about various things as well as previous employers.
  • Lack of personal or career goals.
  • Lack of enthusiasm and also confidence.
  • Not owning up responsibility for mistakes.
  • Self-justification, aggressiveness.
  • Lack of emotional maturity.
  • Over-reacting to questions.
  • Lacking sense of humor.
  • Negative and also cynical attitude.

Preparing for an Successful Interview – Look for

  • Company’s main products and services and likely new products as well as services.
  • Its key markets, its position in market and between major competitors.
  • Financial position / profit / turnover.
  • The history, reputation and achievements.
  • Arrange all the papers required in a folder : Resume / CV, call letters, degree certificates, mark lists, NSS, NCC, sports / games certificates, experience certificates, and also references.

The Previous Day

  • Confirm the venue of the interview, distance, and mode of transport.
  • Locate the venue earlier.
  • Relax, have good sleep, visualize and pray.

The Interview Day

  • Reach the venue at least 45 minutes ahead of the interview.
  • Get familiar with the surroundings.
  • Don’t carry too much baggage.
  • Report to the authority concerned.

Waiting Hall Behavior

  • Maintain Decorum.
  • Mingle with others politely.
  • Avoid smoking, chewing, flirting, gossiping, and also defamatory comments.
  • Greet others present.
  • Switch off the mobile.
  • Relax and also visualize.

While Entering The Interview Hall

  • Enter confidently, not arrogantly.
  • Shut the door gently.
  • Smile and also greet the interviewers.
  • Shake hands only if they offer their hand.

During The Eye Interview

  • Maintain eye contact to have successful interview.
  • Be attentive, listen carefully, as well as lean forward.
  • Don’t lean on the table, and also don’t slouch.
  • Don’t toss your files across.
  • Hand over your file-right side facing them.
  • Don’t laugh or giggle but smile gently.
  • Be polite. use the words “Please” and “thank you” as well.
  • Don’t argue but can orally acknowledge.

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