The 9 Deadly Sins of Sales on the Real Estate Portal

Before the possibilities of sales on the real estate portal appeared and even before the internet existed, there was a time when real estate offers were made exclusively through advertisements published in the most traditional means of communication.

Higher-cost advertisements—such as those on TV or that occupied large spaces on the pages of newspapers and magazines—were restricted to large real estate developments.

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For the self-employed realtor who worked with detached properties, there were only small advertisements in the newspapers, which were more affordable. With the internet, this reality has changed. The disclosure of properties became more agile and communication channels via the web became accessible to anyone.

With real estate portals, the practicality of the network has become even more effective. However, to make the most of it, you must be careful not to commit the deadly sins that will be discussed in this article.

We start with the mistaken belief that the broker has the possibility of a portal to carry out all the brokerage work on its own. After all, as we will see, it is necessary to take care that the internet ads are well done and that they contain well-produced photos of the properties.

In the following presentation, complaints about the lack of a telephone number of the interested party in a property will also be addressed. In addition, issues relating to competition from property owners on the portal and delays in responses from brokers to interested parties will be analyzed.

Also, the importance of verifying the property documentation and signing the brokerage contract for the advertised property will be highlighted. Finally, we will make a consideration about the need for the broker to keep in continuous improvement, even with the existence of the portals. But don’t worry we at Propertynews are here to help.

1. Believing that the portal sells real estate

Accustomed to the automatism of daily life, people often completely transfer their responsibilities to technology. Some believe that everything works like a soda machine, in which you simply insert a coin and the cold can is served immediately, ready to drink.
In the real estate market, nothing happens automatically.

On the contrary, all deals arise thanks to the strategies adopted by brokers, sellers and buyers, as well as the commitment of everyone else involved in a real estate transaction.
Thus, it is not enough to advertise a property on the portal, believing that this step is enough for a negotiation to take place. Even though it is one of the most relevant and efficient marketing strategies, the real estate portal depends on the broker’s performance so that business becomes possible from it.

The portal as an ally

In fact, a good portal goes far beyond a mere communication resource that allows buyers and brokers to get closer. After all, on the one hand, it is structured to offer brokerage professionals a great deal of ease in publicizing properties.

On the other hand, the tool makes life easier for those who are looking for a property, which makes the portal a very efficient dissemination channel.
However, none of this dispenses with the continuous work of the brokerage professional.

It is up to the broker to keep in mind that all the efficiency of a portal will only be properly used if it is used properly.
It is important to emphasize that the portal has an immense capacity to attract the interest of potential buyers for a property. But that doesn’t mean that the attraction, by itself, will be enough for the sale to happen.
After all, there are many variables that precede the start of a negotiation, which only appears after a purchase decision. Before, the buyer must be convinced that the property meets the needs he has and the payment terms he supports.
It is also worth remembering that even the purchase decision is not enough to make a deal happen. Before the deal is sealed, there is a procedure that must be followed and requires a lot of attention from the broker.
Thus, those who want to be successful in sales on the real estate portal need to perceive this feature as an ally, which allows the client to obtain preliminary information about the property. The rest of the work will depend on the professional competence of the broker.

2. Publish poorly made ads

Working with sales on the real estate portal works as a promotional prospectus and that is how the sales team at paradise city have conquered the real estate market.  However, it offers the advantage of being more practical, cost-effective and with an ability to reach audiences much more effectively.

To use the full potential of a portal, the broker needs to be careful in writing the texts, which must maintain maximum clarity and correctness. Therefore, before publishing an ad, it is essential to review it, looking for Portuguese or typographical errors. At this point, it is also important to verify that the information is clear and that it presents the relevant details of the property.

It is worth noting that adjectives need to be used very carefully, at the risk of causing rejection in the reader. The slang that is common among brokers should be avoided.

After all, saying that an apartment is a “show”, for example, can make sense in an informal conversation between professionals. However, the word can appear to be vague information, with a value judgment that is very personal and that may not interest the reader of the advertisement.

The text should be objective, using terms that are appropriate for the formal description of a property. This does not mean that important qualities cannot be mentioned – such as well distributed environments, good dimensions of the rooms or the incidence of natural light on the property.
At the same time, it is important to assess whether the text is truly attractive, capable of arousing people’s interest.

The information must be complete, but the text must not be too long.
This does not mean that abbreviations should be used to reduce text size. It is preferable that they are avoided. A certain abbreviation, the meaning of which is obvious to a broker, may be incomprehensible to a person doing a search through the portal.

As the broker’s mission is to make life easier for those who are reading an ad, it is necessary to formulate it so that it is easily understood, which abbreviations may not favor.

Business Card

It is interesting to keep in mind that the property description can also serve as a business card, which reveals a little about the realtor. So just as a well-written ad reveals that it was posted by a good professional, sloppy copy, riddled with errors, can cause objections to a potential buyer.
After all, no one is very comfortable putting their trust in a careless person. Especially when it comes to a high-value business, such as a real estate transaction.

3. Publish photos with poor quality

In the same way that the text must be done with care, care must be taken so that the photographs are produced with good quality. Therefore, it is not necessary for the broker to take a photography course or invest in sophisticated and expensive photographic equipment.

However, understanding some basics about lighting and shooting angle helps a lot. Using a camera or smartphone that takes pictures with good resolution also makes the job more appropriate.
A good tip is to take pictures during the day, taking advantage of the natural light in the environment. Turning on the light in the room also helps a lot. In all situations, it is preferable not to use the flash, which does not have a positive effect on photographs from large spaces.

Another interesting tip is to look for the best angles, which allow the portal’s visitor to understand the environment that was photographed. It is also worthwhile to produce a large number of photos, choose the best ones and publish as much as the portal allows.

Photograph disorganized real estate

Every good realtor knows how inconvenient it is to take a client to a disorganized and dirty property. If the property is unoccupied, the dirt denotes the owner’s sloppiness, which does not cause a positive feeling in a potential buyer—and this feeling can evolve into an objection.

Likewise, in the occupied property, unmade beds, messy rooms, disorganized bathrooms and accumulated dishes over the sink make a very bad impression, which can be a reason for rejection by the visitor.

In the photos published on the real estate portal, this situation is repeated. Photographing dirty or disorganized properties makes a terrible impression, with an aggravating factor: as the realtor is not with the portal visitor when he views the photos, there is no way to present any argument that minimizes the unpleasant impression.

To prevent this from happening, before taking the photographs, ask the owner of the property to make arrangements so that everything is clean and organized. If the property shows signs of degradation, it is even worth suggesting a small renovation to repair the damage.

If the property owner has any resistance to making repairs, remind him that every investment made in the property will not only increase the attractiveness of people who see the photos, but will also increase the sale value of the property.

4. Claim that the interested party’s phone number is missing

It is not often that a person interested in a property sends their own phone number to the broker, as soon as they are contacted by e-mail. With this, many brokers complain about the portal, which does not create means to make the submission of this data of the interested party mandatory.

Now, from a careful analysis of this type of complaint, it is possible to see that it is meaningless. After all, the possibility for a person to obtain information about a property without the need for more detailed identification and without the obligation to contact the broker immediately is one of the characteristics of the real estate portal that most attract visitors.

In order to captivate the customer and encourage direct contact, the broker must continue the service in the most natural way possible, striving for the quality of the information sent.

With a correct service, it will not only be possible to obtain the interested party’s telephone number, but it is also very likely that the professional relationship will advance. On the client’s own initiative, it is possible to schedule visits to properties, creating ideal opportunities for service to develop.

5. View property owners as competitors

Although the real estate portal is a highly efficient tool for brokerage professionals, it was not structured to serve only real estate agents. In fact, the tool is available to anyone who wants to advertise a property — and it fulfills this function with great quality.

Thus, eventually, a property owner can also advertise his offer to the market through a portal, which does not mean that he will become a competitor of the broker. This thinking is anything but consistent. After all, what drives so many people to look for brokers, if they could make a direct sale, avoiding the payment of commissions?

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The good broker has a number of immediate answers to this question. He knows that the brokerage profession is not just about showing real estate. You also know that the value of your profession is closely associated with the ability to deal with the numerous variables that the real estate market includes.

Nobody doubts the fact that this value is not restricted to the approximation between a buyer and a seller. Often, the broker is responsible for a series of steps necessary to sell a property that the owner would not know how to adopt.

Advertising is an important part of the entire process, but it is not enough to make a sale. Therefore, the broker must develop a consistent work that, in most cases, is not suitable for property owners.

6. Delay in responding and acting coolly

No one likes the delay in getting an answer to a request. She is even more dissatisfied when the answer comes cold, as if it had been automatically generated by a computer program.
To prevent this from happening, the broker needs to be aware of requests for information that the portals send to his e-mail, seeking to respond to them as soon as possible.

Of course, there are possibilities that the orders are generated by mere curious people and also by competing brokers. But, as there is no way to distinguish a person from electronic messages, it is necessary to respond to all requests as quickly as possible and in the most appropriate way.

There is no doubt that important information must be preserved, such as those that will serve as sales arguments or even to identify the owner of the property. In addition to these, all others must be sent to the interested party.

When submitting responses, it is important to treat each case in a particular way, paying specific attention to each request. Thus, the broker will demonstrate that it values ​​the interest of the person who sent the requests.

It is a fact that very extensive and detailed information — such as that concerning the availability of furniture and equipment in a property, for example — can be copied and pasted into the reply email. However, it is worth emphasizing that the treatment given to the recipient must be personalized.

7. Advertise properties in an irregular situation

Failure to check the regularity of documentation and the feasibility of selling a property is a very common oversight, which creates serious problems for both the broker and the person interested in buying a property.

Often, in the anxiety of putting a property up for sale, the realtor forgets to check if the property documentation is regular and if the seller can, in fact, sell it.

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With this, the professional ends up advertising properties with pending issues that will prevent the deal from being carried out. Often, this situation is only discovered at an advanced stage of the negotiation, causing frustration and irritation in the buyer and wasting all the work done by the broker.

Therefore, before listing a property on a real estate portal, the realtor must make sure that the property is fully open for sale. If there is any pending, condition the beginning of the offer of the property to the market to the solution of the problem.

8. Giving up the sale authorization

Discretion is not a very appropriate quality for anyone wanting to sell a property. On the contrary, using the appropriate methods and in a convenient manner, there should be the greatest possible exposure of the offer, which the real estate portal provides very efficiently.

However, even if the property address is not recorded on the portal, due to the characteristics shown in the photos and in the description itself, it is not very difficult to locate what is being advertised.
That way, anyone with a little skill and patience to identify these characteristics—whether they’re a competing broker or a potential buyer—can directly submit a proposal to the owner.

By the way, this is a risk that exists even outside the portals. Therefore, if the owner has no commitment to the realtor who advertised the property, whether on the real estate portal or outside of it, all the work could be lost.

To surround themselves with the necessary guarantees for any real estate transaction, the broker cannot waive the authorization to sell the property. This authorization, preferably, must be given exclusively.

However, even if the owner refuses to grant exclusivity, it is essential that he authorize the sale in writing, through a brokerage contract.

The contract value

At this point, it is worth highlighting two factors that are very important for exercising the brokerage profession in any environment. The first concerns the guarantee of payment of the broker’s commission which, without a contract authorizing the sale of the property, can be denied by the owner at the time the deal is concluded.
The second is related to the enhancement of the relationship between the broker and the selling customer, which is only enshrined if there is a signed document. Having this document, naturally, the owner creates a greater commitment with the broker, who starts to be perceived as a contracted service provider.
Otherwise, the professional may be seen as just any person, who decided to advertise a property and with whom there is no bond or obligation.

9. Letting go of constant improvement

The internet is an immense universe of information that also provides very efficient tools for the exercise of real estate brokerage, such as the real estate portal. The downside of all this convenience is the risk that the broker will settle down, believing that the profession can develop automatically.

However, as mentioned before, nothing happens automatically in the real estate market. Instead of automatism, it is necessary for the broker to interfere in the processes all the time, so that the negotiations can take place.

In a market as dynamic as real estate, it is essential that the professional is always prepared to cause the most appropriate interference. Without this preparation, he will become a mere spectator of the events and will need to rely on luck all the time, which is not a good option for those who want professional success.

Considering that the Real Estate Transaction Technician (TTI) course is the minimum required for the broker to practice the profession in a legal manner, it should be noted that there are other courses that are important. We can start with higher education courses specific to the area, which are the technological courses in Real Estate Management and Real Estate Business.

Through these courses, in addition to the basic information obtained at the TTI, the broker will also find knowledge about Psychology, Sociology and History, among others, which greatly contribute to the student’s professional and personal development.

In addition to undergraduate courses, there are also short courses, preparatory to the most diverse areas of brokerage — such as real estate appraisal courses. These classes received greatly help those who want to improve and achieve success in the profession.

Searching for knowledge about a second language, in addition to Portuguese, is an increasingly necessary measure for the broker.
With the internationalization of markets, professionals who are unable to communicate in a second language — at least in English — lose the opportunity to interact with foreigners interested in real estate in Pakistan, who are increasingly present.

In addition, full knowledge of social networks allows the broker to expand communication channels with the market. With all this preparation, the broker will be able to get the most out of a real estate portal, making the tool very efficient for a professional career.

If you still have any questions about sales on the real estate portal or if you want to give your opinion on the subject, please leave your comment below! We really want to know what you’re thinking and we’re delighted to be able to help so that you can achieve your property goals like in Kingdom Valley Islamabad  .

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