Why Getting a Dream Job is Really Hard?

We apply for jobs, make the best attempt to attend interviews and take the application processes of prospective employers very seriously but why it has become so difficult to get a job?

Since we live in another time now where coming up next is valid :

You have a consistent increase in populace and insufficient jobs

Millions of people are doing STEM in college and a lot of them can’t find jobs because there are a lot of people and never jobs that are enough.

Culture of Job Switching

Today individuals are continually searching for new openings and the following chance. It is common to switch jobs every 1–2 years. The thing I really discovered is actually, there is certainly no body I know that’s not searching for a much better job or even a better chance. Often times that’s the only way to get a 10–15% raise. So essentially, you are competing with people that don’t even need a job but apply anyway just to see if there is something better out there.

Too many applicants for a single jobs 

As a result of the points that are above you’ll find way too many candidates for jobs, specifically STEM. Once you get 300 applications for the jobs, no person is really planning to look-through them all. All they will manage may be the 30-second rule, simply look into your own application for 30 seconds. In the end, all resumes appear to be identical!

Too many qualified or more normal applicants 

Just like in college where you have a class of 50 and there are always some 5% that is a top-ranking, in an application pool of even 50, you don’t stand a chance unless you are the top 5%. The tragic truth is that a few people are rarely the top 5%. Most of my friends who graduated in engineering got B’s and C’s. Nobody desires to hire a ordinary professional or data scientist. This follows by their entire whole career; that will be, if you are average at what you do, nobody wants to hire you because there are always better candidates. If companies can’t see those best candidates, they hold off and place the job out for 2–3 months. It is more important to them to hire the right top 5% candidate than hiring somebody that is average.

The last point is actually why you are having trouble finding jobs because actually just the leading skilled candidates get the job plus in any job, you will find always those extremely qualified candidates. You simply don’t even stand chances an advanced average applicant for STEM type jobs! The only other way people find jobs is by luck or because nobody wants to apply to that company and they are having trouble finding people. Finally, sometimes, the stars align and other people simply chance down and get a job!

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